Next-generation tab and session manager

Session management TabXpert helps you organize your work using sessions in one or multiple browser windows. Within a session, you keep your work as active tabs, history of closed tabs, and bookmarks. Your sessions are saved automatically and you can continue where you left off at any time. Even after a browser crash.
Tab management All your tabs and tab groups can be managed with drag and drop and actions available in the context menu. Tabs auto-grouping, auto-ungrouping, and group focus management. You can instantly switch to your favorite tabs and back using keyboard shortcuts. You can copy to the clipboard a link, title, URL, and even a custom link for a single or multiple tabs.
Bookmark management Import Chrome bookmarks and organize them using folders and tags. Collaborate on bookmarks with colleagues and friends using bookmark sharing. Open bookmarks with shortcuts.
Tags You can group and filter your sessions using tags. Add related bookmarks to the tags and have them at your fingertips in every session.
Cloud synchronization If you work on multiple computers or want to have your data safely backed up, you may choose to synchronize data with Cloud. Your data will be transferred encrypted via HTTPS to enterprise-grade IBM Cloud storage.
User interface TabXpert has pop-up, tab, window, and side panel user interfaces. Activate your favorite UI with a single click or a keyboard shortcut. Check settings for additional tuning.
Increase performance Saved sessions are opened lightning fast, because tabXpert opens sessions with tabs being suspended. That significantly reduces memory usage as well. TabXpert supports "The Marvellous Suspender" and "Tab Suspender" to suspend tabs on the fly.
Tab search Press the spacebar to see your work history. Start typing or paste to search in your tabs and bookmarks. Flexible configure the search scope. Chinese and Japanese languages are supported.
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